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Global  Technologies & Systems Joint-Stock Company (GTECH SYSTEMS., JSC) is special and exclusive Supplier/Distributor in Vietnam Market about solutions and equipments/instruments/apparatus from many leading Manufacturers all over around the World. We are doing well in:

-          Testing, Measuring in Physical and Mechanical Mesurement Field.
-         Supplying Equipments, Accessories, Spare parts, Production Lines for many Industries such as: Automotive Industry; Food Processing Industry; Beer-Alcohol, Milk and Beverage Manufacturing Industries; Plastics, Rubbers, Paints and Inks Industries...
-          Supplying Measuring and Controlled Instruments for Environment.
-          Supplying Health Care and Medical Equipments.
-          Supplying Dehumidifiers and Dryers, AirFreshing, Water and Dust Filtration Systems in many Industries.
-          Supplying and Installation Cleaning Rooms for Hospitals and Semiconductors and Electronics Manufacturers.
-          Supplying and Installation Medical Gases Systems.
-     Supplying powder coating equipments and liquid coating equipments.
-     Supplying solvent recovery systems.

GTECH SYSTEMS., JSC is leading in supplying products which meet newest technological standards in the World in order to give the customers the optimal solutions and innovative technologies.

GTECH SYSTEMS., JSC supply products which are based on Customers’s real Inquiries and they promptly meet their quality control and samples Analytics. They not only meet fully Domestic Customers’s needs but also Foreign Customers’s needs in strictness.    

GTECH SYSTEMS., JSC is more and more powerful and stronger by giving the customers total solution consultancy about technology which is suitable for their real conditions and promoting their Ability and Creativeness


The customers ourselves control technics and technology and operate easily equipments according to their purposes.

strongpoint and success maintain in long-term time by cooperating strictly and effectively with many scientists and professors in many industrial fields.


GTECH SYSTEMS., JSC’s leaders and staffs uphold optimally their Creativeness and independence which are based on their experience in many years in the field.


Our Turn-Key is  "Cooperation is for overcoming any Challenge and Barrier”

GTECH SYSTEMS., JSC wishs to cooperate and develope abreast with YOU!

Model 7002

Extended measurement range for more demanding applications

Model 6500

Illinois Instruments model 6500 Oxygen Headspace Analyzermeasures trace oxygen within packaging headspace.

Model 8001

Modular systems for precision oxygen analysis of packaging film barriers.


Model 7001

Unmatched Performance in a Water Vapor Transmission Analyzer!

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